Saturday, 14 March 2015


Sunday, March 8, 2015

8:32 AM

             I know her because she lives with me, she sleeps in the bed next to mine,  she's my roommate and

You should beware of her because she has a negative vibe.

She can pull you straight down from that high ladder  you are climbing, she can cut that tiny thread you survive on and she can kill that little fire starting to brew, right inside of you.

              She keeps saying…

Tolu you can't even dance, Tolu you can't even sing, Tolu you can't even take those pictures.

              Tolu would turn and be like…

''Sola, keep quiet and say something positive for once, quit talking about people's flaws alone''

''Am just joking'' would be here reply

             But NO! she wouldn’t stop, she just kept going on and on…

''In fact Tolu what can you do…''

              And after several and severe talking to and she didn’t stop, guess what Tolu did…


And with that, she RAN

So if you have a Sola or lots of Solas in your life,

 my dear don’t wait for a single second. ''RUN''