Wednesday, 28 December 2016


     Everybody knew Mr New Year Resolution, he was a very nice man, very kind to all of us, he was very huge with broad shoulders and huge promises, he was soo kind that we all wanted to write to him at the end of each year and watch him smile back at us. We loved him and knew he loved us too. 
    Unfortunately he died, sometime around 2012/2013, his death was so unheard of, unknown, nameless. See, we all didn't know when he died, how he died or even where (almost like Moses in the bible) we were devastated, but his death was a good thing for us, because then we got to really see who Mr New Year Resolution was, how mean he was.
    He was a man that filled us with the Ideology of a perfect year, we got to have the christian complex of ghen ghen... this is my year...we went into each year expecting no troubles, no challenges, expecting it to be different from its previous, smooth, easy. But it always almost wasn't, but at least we got to meet his sibling...Mr Unfulfilled New Year Resolution.
     His sibling was quite mean and we all knew it or so we thought. We are in doubt of his cruelty now because he taught us about the myth associated with his brother, the fantasy we created on our own.
      Maybe that is why his death is so nameless and unknown, because fantasies are, you can't enter into a new year really expecting every thing to go your way, there would be challenges, difficulties even, somethings you would not even see coming, there is no perfect year... BUT GREAT LESSONS IN THE IMPERFECT SITUATIONS. You have got to make the best out of them and there is no Mr New Year Resolution, just us with our goals expecting the challenges and moving ahead against all odds.
      With that let me tell the 50% that met Mr New Year Resolution brother, this few important-to-me-things to avoid in 2017...
    1. Don't be like me
Last week, I wanted to buy a carton of Indomie and because I bought it 1800 Naira the last time, I went to the market expecting it to be the same...SHOCKER! it was 2100 Naira everywhere (mo para ehn) .Point being don't set 2016 as a basis for 2017, go in expecting things to be different, new. Don't use 2016 business plan for 2017, you only get lessons from the past not live in them.

     2. Don't be like me  (part 2)
2016 really just felt like it passed by for 50% of us (really praying it is 50) and I figured a solution out for this one, you have get busy with something you love doing. In this century they are limitless...Photography and the rest.
 It is really almost like having a purpose special to you and you alone, hoping this is solution, it is mine tho, you have to figure out yours. So the year doesn't just go by and you remain where you are.