Friday, 20 February 2015


Friday, February 20, 2015

4:41 PM

                    As a little girl, while growing up, I had lots and lots of omo odo (house helps) and as you can guess, lots and lots of movie scenes, which warranted their being sent away.

            Their was one, who made me lie against my brother; about spoiling the fridge, when she did and as you can probably figure out, my lie detector of a mother detected it straight away.

         Their was another, who ran away to Ibadan on her own and came back, two days later after making us go to police stations to mingle heads with the: not-to-be-mingled-with kind of heads and also making popsi say ''turn around'', ''change your style'', ''another style'' to be sure nothing evil happened to her, on the road, which made mumsi very upset.

         Even the hilarious one, who liked to roll paper in the shape of a cigarette and smoke with it.

          Oh! There was also a patience, who said, she was a witch and was sent to us, but couldn’t harm us at night, because of ina olorun (fire of God).

P.S : BAM! Mummy sent her away that night.  (I think she flew off with her broomstick)

          So  after all these short clips and book excerpts from my life, I have a single story about house helps.

     -they are all from cotonou, Togo (are they poor over there???)

     -they never last up to a year.

     -they always have an influence on the household one way or the other.

Let me apologize before the last one and write it in Yoruba, so that not everybody will understand.

     -omo aje ni won.

And with these write up, I upload my first video and I warn; please make sure you have a strong heart before you watch.

Always have a camera hidden somewhere, in your house.

                                                                                                written and experienced by

                                                                                                     likinyo tolulope.

                                                                                          who probably hates house helps.