Thursday, 12 January 2017


                                      NAIJA AND EXPIRING DATES
  So I entered this particular shop one particular morning. The shop looked very tush at least from the outside, the inside was another Lagos story entirely. Anyway I wanted to buy Johnson Baby powder so I picked the dusty thing and went to pay. On getting there I realized the powder was going to expire the next day ooo.
I sharply ran to tell the Igbo woman, who owns the shop ''Abeg madam, this thing has EXPIRED oo''.
  She looked at me and next thing she said was...
    ''You be Nigerian, u no know say, you go still use this thing for 5 more years. Even 5  years later you go find another one wey don expire 10 years and still buy am''
I wanted to faint oo, the way I threw the thing and ran out of the shop ehn, you would think Holy ghost fire was pursuing me.
The way expiring dates have little or no values in Nigeria these days ehn...
    I mean have you ever bought gala and yoghurt out of one frustrating hunger, only to find out halfway through your chows that it has expired.
        Loool... did you throw it away?
Let's even take it deeper...
So my very Yoruba aunt and I went to the market to buy fowl oo (sorry CHICKEN, only Igbo people say FOWL) that was how all the small small chicken were expensive and the only cheap one had two heads...
 Dear Non Nigerians,
   I know you would think the chicken has expired or something, but do you know Hausas and Igbos would start thinking ''Extra chicken, Extra chicken...''
Well, people like my Idanre aunt and I left sharp sharp and started pleading the blood of Jesus.
    Wo!, Trust me, we anointed ourselves at home.
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P.S: Nigerians, you've have gat to chill with the underration of expiring dates.


  1. Dear Tolu Express, it appears you have a very strong thing for Igbo people. You need to be kiaful! Well, I remember eating gala but I realised it was already expired(which was very ignorant of me) but to be very honest nothing happened to me. Sometimes you take expired things without knowing they are, without feeling ill. It's until you see its expired that your mind tells you something would happen, either you purge or whatever. Sometimes it's all in your head. But if I see something is expired, especially canned food I don't take it. Of course.

    1. Looool...yh,that is true, sometimes it is in your head.I have a strong thing for everybody oo.

    2. Lmao. I kinda agree with Ifunanya about the Igbo people thing. But then again, I noticed that in your last post it was more of Yoruba people.
      Nice post dear. About expired products, they can be dangerous but most products we buy in Nigeria have "Best before" on them, which means they aren't entirely expired but they are just not at their best state anymore, just a good state.
      Still, i don't buy goods that have almost reached that 'best before' date except i wasn't aware. Recently we threw some kinda expired products away in my house, as much as we want to say "black man no fit die", we have to be careful. I talk a lot lmao
      Love, Sommss.

    3. No you don't (Because people are being enlightened) Makes so much sense.#wehavetobecareful

  2. really a fowl with two heads. Anyhows I get the concept this time

  3. Thank you, Tolu. Thank God you didn't buy the two-headed chicken. It must have been expired too I guess. Anyways, since I came to the knowledge of expiry dates, I became conscious enough to check things out before purchase. But mind you, these people have a way of changing those dates including those on car tyres. So for me in Naija, we are on our own. You can't be sure if the expiry dates you see are not the remixed versions.... Merci!